Misc. Animals for sale

Some of our furry friends available for sale


 Dude (Sold)

Dude is a twenty something black mini stallion. He is a very energetic guy!



Indian Outlaw (Sold)

Indian Outlaw is our Registered Tri- color Fainter. He is polled, a proven breeder and very affectionate!


Baby Girl #1


Baby Girl #1 is an adorable dark blue roan color. She is very lively and waves her ears around like a donkey! She is 75% Fainter 25% Saneen.      Born 2/22/18  Price $150

baby girl 4.jpg

Baby Girl #4 (SOLD)

Baby Girl #4 is a Sweet blue and white registered fainter. She has an adorable shaggy coat! She is 100% Fainter.                                                      Born 3/1/18 Price $350

baby girl 3.jpg

   Baby Girl #3           (SOLD)

Baby Girl #3 stands out in this crowd! She is a lovely red roan color with black stripes on her face. She is 88% fainter and 12% Saneen.                              Born 2/23/18  Price $150

Baby Girl # 5   Sold!!!

This sweet little swirl of a girl was born 03/26/2018. She is 50% pygmy and 50% fainter. She will be joining the Hopkins Family!

Baby Girl #2         (SOLD)

Baby Girl #2 is a beautiful silver white color. Her black nose and ears remind me of a white park calf! She is 88% Fainter and 12% Pygmy.                      Born 2/23/18 Price $150

baby boy 1.jpg

Baby Boy #1     (SOLD)

Baby Boy #1 is a pure white in color. He has a shaggy coat and a pink little nose! He is 88% Fainter 12% Pygmy       Born 2/28/18   Price $100

boy number 2.jpg
boy number 2 2.jpg

Baby Boy #2        (SOLD)

Baby Boy # 2 is a silver/blue with some red roan color. He should be named Thumper because he jumps around just like a bunny with his little blue legs! He is 75% Fainter 25% Saneen. Born 2/22/18    Price $100

baby boy #3.jpg

Baby Boy #3

This sweet little boy was born 4/18/2018. He is 88% Fainter and 12% pygmy.  Price $100 




Tiny is a three year old rescue sheep