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Leading farming into the future with the technology of tomorrow and the hard work and values of yesterday.


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Flexibility and Diversity:

We believe one of our strongest personal attributes is our ability to be flexible and diverse. A profitable and well-managed farm requires rethinking  and rerouting processes based on weather, markets, inputs, etc. Our ability to be flexible in what allows our farm to run efficiently and keep our overhead low. We believe that being diversified is a smart way to farm and develops a well rounded individual. As you can probably see from this website our farm has diversified into many other markets from husbandry (cattle, pigs) to Agri-tourism                 (Bomke's Patch and The Legacy Flower Farm)

Strong Family Core: 

We plan on extending that heritage to our future generations. Growing up on our family farms we learned teamwork, discipline, husbandry and putting family first. There are many experiences we have gained that have become invaluable to who we are as a farming family.

Work Ethic/Pride:

At Bomke Farms, we pride ourselves on our work ethic. During the height of harvest, spraying, anhydrous, fertilizer, and planting seasons, the hours of work increase due to need. As with any true family operation, our work ethic translates to everyone on the Bomke Farm.

Strong Community Ties:

It is important to us as a farm and as individuals that we keep close ties to the community. Operating a farm in a small community keeps us tied on a personal basis with other local small businesses. We also enjoy the opportunity to reach into a community unfamiliar with farm life through our business Bomke's Patch. We are able to create an environment for learning and building memories with family.

Ag Technology,Conservation and Experience

Agronomic Efficiency:

Bomke Farms achieves agronomic efficiency through many aspects of the farm. Since 1996, we have adopted 100% strip-til crop production system. This system has allowed the farm to run smaller equipment across more acres and greatly reduce fuel consumption, labor, and equipment costs. Having low equipment count allows responsiveness and speed in moving across multiple counties, saving time and energy. 

Diversified Operation:

Making sure our farm is diversified is of utmost importance. We strive to be diverse in our locations, practices, and crops. Currenlty we farm within four different counties. Our farming practices range from managing irrigation pivots, spraying, hauling grain, and raising cattle. We have diversified our crops with the addition of several u-pick crops and a small flower farm.

Soil Conservation: 

We utilize conservation tillage on Bomke Farms. Conservation tillage not only offers better efficiency, but also can provide higher organic matter, low compaction, and overall increased soil health. Soil erosion on the farm is decreaseed by conservation tillage as well as the use of dry dams, filter strips, and grass water ways. All of theses practices combined with a well-managed fertilization program keeps the soil healthy and increases land value.