Mini Highlands For Sale




Blondie x Roland Born March 9th Ralph is a light red mid mini highland( most likely). He will be castrated, dehorned and halter broke to be the perfect family pet! Will be available this fall. $1,500 Call Brian (217) 741-9523



Ralph 4 months old! July 2018

red bull calf sept 2018.jpg
 Brand new babe!

Brand new babe!

 Brand new babe!

Brand new babe!



red bull calf sept 2018 2.jpg


Red x Roland Red Bull Calf born Sept. 2018 Birth weight 38 lbs Availability TBA after herd assessment!



white bull born sept 13th.jpg

Lucy x Roland White bull calf born Sept. 13th. Availability TBA after herd assessment!


To get onto our waitlist please email Jessica with your name, number and email! Thanks!!


Purchasing your Highland 

Please click link to the left and fill out the form. We will be contacting you shortly. If you would like more information on available Highland or to schedule pick-up contact Brian @ 217 741-9523 or email at Thank you so much for purchasing from Bomke Farms Mini Highlands!